Proverbs 31:27

The Lord deals with me through repetition a lot of times. It’s like He knows that I need the confirmation of several different people I look up to saying the same thing over and over, in different settings and separately.

Lately it’s been about the state of my household. I had started feeling convicted about it (and totally disgusted with it) a few weeks ago. In case you don’t follow me on Insta or FB, I am preggers (YAY, 19 weeks to be exact) and my first trimester was pretty rough to say the least. I basically stayed on the couch as much as possible for 3 months. That didn’t leave much room for house cleaning. Ha.

So a week ago, a dropped my mini me off to Mother’s Day Out and went home with a burning desire to clean. What? Me? I have never ever been a clean freak. Never. But there are certain instances where I just feel the need to get out my Thieves cleaner and make everything shiny.

I texted my friends to share my cleaning woes a couple hours into the job, and my always insightful friend Kayla responded, “Well, over the weekend I experienced some conviction towards my priorities concerning my house keeping. Not that I’ve just stopped or anything, but I’ve been frustrated and overwhelmed by it and the Lord revealed to me that it’s because I haven’t been doing it for him.” Ugh. Yes. (Confirmation #1 that I was on the right track.)

A few days go by and Kayla writes this lovely little piece in her blog detailing how the Lord spoke to her concerning this matter. (Confirmation #2 and further revelation)

Then yesterday I decided to listen to a Monday night call with a Young Living Royal Crown Diamond Leader (who happens to also be my upline), April Pointer. (If you want to hear it, they post replays of the last 4 calls here.) I wanted to listen to it because she would be talking about how Oola and balancing her life totally changed everything for her and her family. And that is something I definitely struggle with – how to be a work at home mom, making a great income with my home business, but also taking care of my BIBLICAL responsibilities as a wife and mother. Guess what she mentioned in the call? Yeah. Taking care of duties around the house. You guys. She’s Royal Crown Diamond. If you are a fellow YL biz builder, I don’t have to explain to you that that means a six figure income monthly. MONTHLY. She could easily hire someone to take care of that stuff for her, and maybe she does hire out some of it. But she specifically mentioned having responsibilities around the home that SHE still takes care of. (Confirmation #3)

Finally, this morning, I decided to jump on Periscope for a word from another amazing Diamond leader within my company, Melissa Poepping. GUESS WHAT SHE TALKED ABOUT. Folding laundry. I was like okay God, I got it. Just because I’m trying to bring Wellness, Purpose and Abundance to the world doesn’t mean I get to shirk homemaking. That’s what the Lord has assigned to me to do, EVEN IF he has put a passion within me to be a business builder as well.

I came across this image today as I was printing things to put on my Vision Board for 2016. I thought it was a perfect reminder of God’s will for my household. Here’s to a clean and maintained home and less chaos and stress in 2016. ๐Ÿ™‚




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